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McIver Brown is one of the nation's leading elder abuse and neglect law firms, representing clients injured or killed in cases involving nursing homes, doctors, nurses, and other senior care facilities.

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Thousands of elderly Americans are abused and neglected each year in nursing homes and senior care facilities. Intervention for actual or potential elder neglect is important to ensure the safety and health of older adults in any health care setting.

Types of Elder Neglect Cases We Handle
Unfortunately, there are many different forms of elder neglect that occur regularly. McIver Brown is at the forefront of protecting victims who have been neglected, injured, or mistreated by someone whom they depended on for care and protection. Our firm handles claims involving health care facility neglect, those of which include: dehydration, bedsores, malnutrition, infections, physical abuse, sexual abuse, failure to implement safe living conditions, and wrongful death.

Free Elder Abuse Case Consultations
We offer free case consultations to anyone who wants to find out if they have an elder abuse or neglect lawsuit. We will discuss the facts of your case, the laws and deadlines that may affect your case, and whether our law firm is able to help your family.

For a free case consultation call us at: 1-877-624-8371.

We Recover For Families like Yours, in Cases Like This
As an award-winning law firm dedicated to elder neglect and medical malpractice, the experienced attorneys of McIver Brown are committed to advocating for proper care and treatment of elderly Americans.

How Elder Neglect Lawsuits Improve Care For Others
McIver Brown is committed to seeing that negligent health care providers are held accountable for their actions when their care falls below the normal standard. While a monetary payment will never adequately make up for the neglect, abuse or loss of a loved one, McIver Brown strives to seek justice for victims and family members who have suffered as a result of health care neglect. Our goal is to work side-by-side with you in order to improve adequate patient care and prevent other individuals from enduring elder neglect. Because of their dedication to legal work, McIver Brown strives to force nursing homes and hospitals to implement policies and procedures with better care in order ensure the safety well-being of their residents and patients. Ultimately, McIver Brown strives to protect the growing elderly population from substandard medical care in order to avoid similar incidents from happening in the future. The way to change unacceptable health care behavior is to hold the medical community accountable for their below-standard quality of care. As a result, health care professionals are forced to provide appropriate and acceptable treatment and medical care to others. If you suspect your loved one is the victim of elder neglect, protect your elder by contacting us now.

We Accept Elder Neglect Cases Nationwide
McIver Brown is a nationwide law firm committed to helping elderly victims and their families affected by elder neglect. We have extensive experience seeking compensation for claims of elder neglect and serve to help families in cities throughout Texas, as well as nationwide.

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  • Bed Sores, Bruises
  • Falls, Broken Bones
  • Agitation, Withdrawal, Fear
  • Frequent Crying, Strained Relationships
  • Uncleanliness, Poor Hygiene of Patient
  • Complaints of Poor Treatment
  • Overdose, Head Injury
  • Weight Loss


"Tragically only 20% of nursing home abuse and neglect is ever reported, and because people are unaware of time limitations on their case, they often wait until its too late to take action."
Rich McIver, Partner